BTC Doubler script install video tutorial
BTC Doubler script install video tutorial

Hi, in this post i teach you how you can install the free script i give on my website.

if you download already those free files Good.
if not download don’t worry just register on my website and download it.
once you download it now just watch the install video and complete your website 🙂

if you have any problem or question text me here or if like to buy something you can buy from my website it will help me alot 🙂

Thanks and Good Luck:

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Email – [email protected]

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12 thoughts on “BTC Doubler script install video tutorial

  • Author’s gravatar
    clubilim 16th January 2021 , 4:07 PM

    Why did you put an age limit? How strange it is!

  • Author’s gravatar
    Agaje Eshioke 25th August 2021 , 11:56 PM

    After doing everything still couldn’t get my admin panel please can you chat me on WhatsApp I have something for you if you show me

    • Author’s gravatar
      admin 5th September 2021 , 3:04 PM

      hi, script is ok.. if you can setup its your problem you should know about script and no support for free script

  • Author’s gravatar
    Nicholas Muchiri 16th October 2021 , 8:53 PM

    how can one adjust resolution for phone since its not showing the register button but on Pc its showing

    • Author’s gravatar
      admin 17th January 2022 , 3:07 AM

      Hi, its free script so not working well.. just learn

  • Author’s gravatar
    cejacent 14th January 2022 , 5:46 PM

    Thanks chief!

    • Author’s gravatar
      admin 17th January 2022 , 3:04 AM

      Your Welcome 🙂

  • Author’s gravatar
    mostafa elbahr 1st April 2022 , 3:34 PM

    evrytime i try to chang website logo nothing change

    • Author’s gravatar
      admin 29th July 2022 , 3:03 AM

      after change open your site on a deferent browser. Everything Working

  • Author’s gravatar
    muhammadsanimaryam55 20th December 2022 , 12:49 AM


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